Takashonabe Course

Grilled duck on the special falconer's plate

Traditional Japanese gibier course


・ Appetizer ・ Soup ・ Sashimi ・side dish ・ Duck falconer hot pot ・ Grilled dish ・ Meal ・ Sweets


Nov-Mar ¥19,800Inc Tax

Apr-Oct ¥15,000(Inc Tax

Drink Menu


Suntory Premium Malt's (small) ¥800

・Asahi Super Dry (medium)     ¥1,000

・Kirin lager (medium)           ¥1,000

・Asahi non-alcoholic beer       ¥600


・Today's glass of wine (white/red)   ¥1,000

・Goichi Shiojiri Seibel (W/Bottle)  ¥4,500

・Goichi Shiojiri Merlot (R/Bottle)  ¥5,000

・Goichi Estate Merlot (R/Bottle)    ¥8,500

・Duckhorn Decoy Merlot (R/Bottle) ¥8,500


・Sake Masumi Junmai ¥1,800

・Hakushu Whiskey (Rock/Soda) ¥1,500

・Kaku Highball whiskey   ¥800 

・ Kitchomu shochu   ¥800

・Kuro Kirishima shochu     ¥800

・Plum wine (Rock/Soda)           ¥800


・Fuji mineral water   ¥600

・Perrier           ¥600

  ・Grated apple juice ¥600

・Oolong tea ¥600

・Ginger ale         ¥600

*B.Y.O. available. We corkage ¥3,000 per 750ml bottle, ¥6,000 per 1800ml bottle.

About TakashoNabe AKAHANE

Traditional duck course meal using falconer pot

Since the iron plate that is forged by the swordsmith beats the steel and the mass is larger than the size of the "falconer pot", when heated with white charcoal, a considerable amount of heat is stored in the pot.

BYO (bring-in) bottles such as wine are allowed (carry-on fee: ¥3,000 per bottle of 750ml or less, ¥6,000 per bottle of 1800ml or less)


Juban Anex1F 1-11-10 Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo 

Transportation 1-minute walk from AzabuJuban Station Exit 4

Phone 03-6277-8146

Hours 18:00〜22:00 (Lo.19:30)

Holiday Sunday, Celebration